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DJ-Suggester and DJ-Megamenu updated
15 May 2014
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DJ-Suggester and DJ-Megamenu updated

26 November, 2021

We have just updated both (paid and free) versions of DJ Suggester and DJ Mega Menu.


DJ Suggester ver. 2.1.1

Next to minor fixes and updates:
We’ve added EasyBlog from Stackideas integration (learn more about this and other integrations here)
Extended animations to 30 entry and 31 exit animations you can now choose from. Animations use CSS3. Now you can set your own set of animations that will fit best your site configuration.

DJ SuggesterLight ver. 2.0.1

  • fixed flyout box showing on page load
  • fixed flyout box overlaying after exit animation

DJ MegaMenu ver. 2.0.0

Next to minor fixes and updates we’ve optimized scripts for better performance and less memory usage.
Now all scripts for Joomla 3.x are based on jQuery
Animations were rewritten from scratch to use CSS3 instead of JavaScript:

  • effects are much smoother thanks to hardware acceleration
  • bouncing, fading, flipping, rotating, sliding, zooming and special animations

Now you can choose from 30 entrance and 30 exit animations to configure your menu just how it fits your website.

DJ Menu ver. 2.0.0

  • Similiar to DJ Mega Menu this free version of great Joomla menu module got updated with optimized scripts based on jQuery (available for Joomla 3.x)

what else:

  • CSS3 animations instead of javascript
    • effects are much smoother thanks to hardware acceleration
    • fading and sliding animations
    • 9 entrance animations
    • 9 exit animations
  • added themes for easier styling

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