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28 February, 2022
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5 WordPress Plugins that help developers meet short deadlines

28 February, 2022

One of the hectic and stressful things developers have to face is the deadlines for their codes. Although all the deadlines are nerve-racking, the short deadlines have their own place in making the developer’s life a mess. No matter how much you plan your daily tasks and schedules, you always end up with unfinished work. In such scenarios, the plugin plays an integral part in the developer's life as it can make their tasks easier and allow them to reach their deadlines on time.

5 Plugins Help Developers Meet Short Deadlines

If you are a developer you must know there are several plugins available online that are your lifesaver. However, if you are a new developer then we are here to tell you about these plugins that will make your life struggle less and save your time to meet the deadlines.

  • Monster Insight lite
  • SeedProd
  • Request a Quote for WooCommerce
  • Sucuri
  • Uncanny Automator

Monster Insight Lite

The plugin allows you to connect the WordPress website to the google analytic account and through this plugin the person will be able to see how people find their website and what they did on their website. Through this data, a person will be able to know what people like on their website and what attracts other audiences to their website. Moreover, the plug-in is free of cost, so you don't have to spend any penny on it.


SeedProd is another plugin that will allow the person to customize their site without any coding. Hence, the developer can save time in coding and customizing the page according to the requirement without writing any of those difficult codes. Also, the new developers can make their tasks easy through the plugin. There are 100+ designs available on SeedPro to facilitate you and the wider options allow you to be as creative as you can with your website.


Sucuri is one of the top plugins as it will save the developers from the security coding of the website. The plugin can protect your website and give the best web application firewall. It can monitor and save the developed website from Malware threats, DDoS, brute force attacks, spam comments attacks, and all other types of attacks.

Request a Quote for WooCommerce

Another important extension is the Request quote for WooCommerce that allows customers to add the product to the quote basket and ask for price estimation by submitting a quote form that can be customizable. With this extension, you can also hide the price button and place the add to cart button on it. Moreover, the developer can create multiple options and rules about whether to show the quote button to selected users, products, categories, and roles. The extension will cost you $69 annually which is quite cheap as it can save a lot of your time.

Uncanny Automator

The plugin will allow you to connect all the WordPress plugins to work together without working on any kind of codings. You can automate the routine admin task and save time and money with the help of the extension. Moreover, you can also connect two separate WordPress sites with the help of a plugin and make them work together. You can get the basic version of the plugin for free.

Time is Money

Make sure to word wisely and excel in your career without exploding your brain. Although, you have to be sure that the plugins you are using are safe and do not harm the website or the privacy of the website at any cost. Coding is such a brain-occupying task therefore making it easy for you and completing all your work within the given deadlines.