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dj-accessibility light for joomla & wordpress
01 December, 2022
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Are you looking for a free solution to ensure website accessibility for all users? DJ-Accessibility is the answer!

DJ-Accessibility Light - Free Plugin Version for Joomla and WordPress

01 December, 2022

We've released the free version of DJ-Accessibility plugin for Joomla and WordPress. The light version contains fewer features than the Pro version. DJ-Accessibility Light also works with the YOOtheme Pro.

DJ-Accessibility Light

It's the free version of the popular DJ-Accessibility Pro plugin. Users can download and install the plugin for free.

Accessibility is key for all websites, and our free plugin can help you with that, providing a bunch of useful options.

Display a button on the page that opens a clear pop-up panel with all the settings. Use the default button design or replace it with the image of your choice.

DJ-Accessibility light offers options including:

  • Invert colours, Monochrome, Dark contrast, Light contrast, Low saturation, High saturation, Highlight links, Highlight headings
  • Content scaling, Font size, Line height, Letter spacing

Use plugin's options to improve the website's user experience for people with disabilities.

The features of the free version have been reduced compared to the commercial plugin.

In the PRO version, you will find the ability to display the accessibility as a toolbar + such features as: Screen Reader, Read mode - the Light version does not include it!

In addition, the panel in the Light version has the dj-extensions logo at the bottom along with a link to the website - the Pro version does not use this.

What is DJ-Accessibility plugin?

DJ-Accessibility is a toolkit that makes the website easier to navigate for people with disabilities. You can display accessibility options in a pop-up or a toolbar on your page.

DJ-Accessibility works with Joomla and WordPress! It's also integrated with the YOOTheme Pro Builder.

Version Pro Pricing

You can get DJ-Accessibility PRO in three different pricing plans:

  • 6 months subscription for €35
  • 1-year subscription for €55
  • Unlimited Plan for €197

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