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26 April, 2022
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How to Start a WordPress Blog – Easy Guide – Create a Blog (2022)

26 April, 2022

What is not only a recent tendency but also an utmost necessity for business's success lately? Having a blog. Such a statement applies to all types of products and services. The problem solely is how especially being a non-web designer person? If it bothers you, it is simply your must to read this WordPress blog information!

What do you need to start a WordPress blog?

The most crucial requirement for whatever activity is a desire and readiness to learn and develop one’s skills. The other key points are:

  • Nickname under which your page would be known (like google.com), in the professional terminology domain name.
  • The webspace, that will contain a blog, i. e. a web hosting account.
  • And, of course, some of your time and effort.

Video Tutorial

Check out the brief video tutorial dedicated to blogging creation or, in case more accurate and deliberate information is needed, keep on reading.

Step 1. Setup

Selection of the platform as a foundation for building a future site is a crucial step. Unfortunately, the slip of being trapped in the borders of the unfitting one is quite common.

WordPress.org is reasonably considered the pinnacle of the best reasonable and user-friendly proposals on the market. First, it does not require your financial support; it is open source. Nevertheless, you get an opportunity to earn some capital from your activity.

One might wonder what is wrong with it since it is free? The trick is that WordPress is a self-hosted platform, which means all the setup is on you.

Step 2. Install WordPress

To install this platform, it is highly recommended to apply for help from a hosting provider (WP Engine, Bluehost, etc.). This may simplify the process and provide stage-by-stage directions. If you prefer it another way, you can perform it directly from the browser as well.

Step 3. Selecting Your WordPress Theme

So, the second step is accomplished, and now will be observed the unprepossessing space without any visual elements. It can hardly impress the audience, particularly in our time of high-tech and abundance.

Therefore, it should be changed.

To do so is a reachable task. Another advantage of WordPress is its excellent compatibility, and it may be coupled with multiple design resources where it is possible to purchase additional specific plugins and WordPress themes. Plus, you may decorate your blog page with various font bundles and icons packages.

Step 4. Creating Your First Blog Post

Once the WordPress dashboard is a solved matter, it's time to fill it in with posts. Open the editor section: just click the "Messages" button and afterward the "Add" button. Then place your text, layer other design features, and when you're done, distribute it to the public.

Step 5. Plugins & Customizations

The next step is to fill up a website with complementary modules, adding another string to your bow by supplementing it with emails, contacts, menus, and so on.

The most accessible approach that does not require coding is to exploit WordPress plugins applications, and those should also be installed on your site.

How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress

Wherever the people are involved, establishing trustful relationships is vital. The algorithm for communication form creation is as follows.

On the dashboard click Plugins> Add New> Install> Activate accordingly.

How to Setup Google Analytics Tracking

Here are two moments to keep in mind:

  1. Google Analytics account, which won’t need payment and is not going to cost you anything.
  2. MonsterInsights plugin, which you will previously installed.

An extra action would be Insights> Settings> Connect MonsterInsights.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Blog for SEO

SEO is essential to boost the visitation of a website. To make the most effective use of a blog, whatever SEO plugins you find will be valuable. Also, programs detecting keywords can come in handy.

More WordPress Plugins and Customizations

Apart from that, there exist many more WordPress plugins. Install in the same way, use for multiple purposes. A beginner may find it a little complicated, but you will become more comfortable with it with the development of your skill.

Step 6. Making Money From Your Blog

Once the persistent work is done, one enjoys its consequences. Probably the most satisfying part of any activity.

There are exceptions but do not expect the profit will be too soon and enormous. However, it is true you will eventually earn a living with its help. In what way? In a few ways, including paid membership, accepting donations, becoming an e-commerce business or one selling physical products, and monetizing content.

Step 7. Mastering WordPress

Knowledge is the light in the darkness of ignorance, they say. Not so long ago we learned to walk and read, and now we are studying the creation and monetization of a site.

WordPress platform is super user-friendly and provides its customers with accessible instructions and guidance materials. The app has a specific offering intended exactly for newcomers – WPBeginners. It comes in several variations, which gives an opportunity to decide and operate a learning process inconvenient approach for oneself:

  • blog;
  • video tutorials;
  • dictionary;
  • Facebook and YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is WordPress proposal the only device to manage an efficacious blog?

Totally not. There are lots of other solutions to discover available on the market.

Can I do without hosting?

Only if you step aside from creating a site. Hosting is an obligatory requirement for any website, regardless of the platform.

How much money will I spend?

The price varies, depending on the cost of installations you have chosen.

What languages does WordPress support?

There are 56 completely interpreted versions and more but only in limited translation.

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