Online store on WordPress with WooComerce and YOOtheme PRO

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08 February, 2022
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Online store on WordPress with WooComerce and YOOtheme PRO

All eCommerce owners know how important appearance is to an online store's sales results, how much depends on the way the product is presented, an attractive description, and a well-made photo.
Nevertheless, the whole environment - the store template - is equally important. A small change in the layout of the page often can cause a significant increase in interest in the product, and thus - an increase in sales revenue online store.

woocommerce dynamic content

Our users are already familiar with the DJ-Catalog2 Integrator plugin, which allows managing the store's look from the page builder level.
However, not everyone knows that a similar solution has been available for WordPress and WooCommerce users for some time.

In August last year, Yootheme released an integration for WooCommerce together with version 2.6 of their system.

The integration provides dynamic content for creating product cards and product lists (similar to our plugin for Joomla).

The WooCommerce integration provides the following dynamic content types:

  • single product
  • list of products
  • single category
  • list of categories

Besides these, a large set of ready-made elements significantly speeds up the construction of views.

wordpress woocomerce elements
woocommerce  style wordpress

WordPress users will also be happy to know that on the styles tab of Yootheme builder, there is a separate WooComerce section, where you can change the style of practically every store element without modifying the CSS stylesheets.

Modifying the look of your WooCommerce store has never been easier. In a few moments, without any programming knowledge, you can completely change your store elements' color scheme and other parameters.

Most importantly, however, we will soon have the pleasure to present to our users the ready-made layouts for WordPress WooComerce realized on the Yootheme PRO framework.

You can find more information about this fantastic integration at:

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