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19 February, 2022
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Popular plugins for WordPress which come from Joomla

Many users consider which popular CMS to choose as their website engine.

WordPress has gained tremendous popularity in recent years due to its compactness and ease of use. On the other hand, Joomla CMS has a long-established position thanks to its versatility and many built-in features.

You can find hundreds of WordPress vs. Joomla comparisons. Each system has loyal fans but also staunch opponents.

But really, everything depends on the application and individual preferences. Reputable developers have long discarded the issue of subjective feelings on the matter and started to create extensions for both systems. WordPress nor Joomla are not being stood out, and it has become a common goal for developers to provide valuable solutions for both WordPress and Joomla users.

Below, we present some well-known solutions that unite the WordPress and Joomla worlds.

Plugins for WordPress that were previously developed for Joomla

Akeeba Backup

Wordpress backup system

Akeeba Backup - an excellent and well-known backup extension for years. Available for WordPress and Joomla system that allows:

  • one-click backup
  • migrate, move and duplicate your site
  • automatic backups
  • saving the backup to other servers or cloud services (e.g., Amazon S3)

Admin Tools

Admin Tools - Wordpress  protection and firewall system

Tools supporting the work of the administrator and increasing the security of the site, which allows, among others:

  • administrator directory protection
  • protection of master password
  • repair and optimization of tables
  • session data cleaning
  • protection against common website attacks


Acymailing Wordpress newsletter system

An excellent newsletter system. It allows you to send messages directly from the WordPress dashboard. The essential features of the component:

  • unlimited number of users
  • unlimited number of sent newsletters
  • custom message templates
  • personalized messages
  • statistics


RSFirewall - Wordpress firewall system

RSFirewall! - is the optimal solution for securing your WordPress site, helping you stay one step ahead of malicious users who want to harm your site.

  • quickly check files for known malware patterns
  • enhanced admin panel protection
  • email notifications on detected threats
  • integrity verification of your core WordPress files
  • blocking your site in case of a threat
  • site traffic control through country restrictions
  • automatic IP address blocking



It is a unique web service for those maintaining multi-client websites. It lets you manage updates, backups, examine the status of sites on WordPress and Joomla, monitor security, signal possible hacks, and help repair sites after a hack.

FireBox plugin


A WordPress Popup Builder that boosts conversion rate. It gives you the opportunity to turn your visitors into subscribers and customers with eye-catching popups, modals, floating bars, fullscreen overlays, and slide-ins

The most important features are:

  • Templates library
  • Multiple popup types
  • Precision targeting
  • Smart triggers
  • Analytics
  • Mobile friendly

Extensions that are being developed in parallel for WordPress and Joomla

Quite a few developers create their add-ons in parallel for both CMS
Among them are:


Undoubtedly, one of the best (in our opinion, the best) web builders allows you to create complex content layouts on your website.
YOOtheme PRO is also an excellent tool for web developers and programmers.

Essential Addons for YOOtheme Pro

ZOOlanders- the creators of a brilliant extension delivered under the name Essential Addons for YOOtheme PRO. The extension provides a set of tools consisting of:

  • a system for generating forms
  • data sources
  • conditional display/access to elements
  • a great set of additional icons

Web357 - Login as a User

Allows administrators to easily access the frontend as a specific user, thereby resolving issues or providing better and faster customer service.

Web357 - Fixed HTML Toolbar

Toolbar displayed at the bottom or top of your site, where you can add up to 5 linked icons or just HTML code, mainly used to display social icons or other notifications that need to be static when scrolling the page.


More and more extension developers are starting to provide their solutions for other platforms. In this way, very good, recognized, and proven extensions come into the hands of WordPress users.

You will also find a constantly growing base of such extensions in our resources.