WordPress and the WCAG standard

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WordPress WCAG 2.1 AA
05 February, 2022
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WordPress and the WCAG standard

Ensuring that a website is accessible has become an obligation for many entities. In many countries, the accessibility of digital services (including websites) is governed by laws and standards.

The current standard is WCAG 2.1, which was published as an official recommendation in June 2018. by the W3C.

In European Union countries, Directive 2016/2102 was already adopted in October 2016, which requires public sector bodies' websites to be accessible and compliant with the standard. The United States, on the other hand, has a set of "Section 508" rules. Each country also has its own less or more restrictive regulations.

For a long time, we've been trying to support WordPress users and make it easier to create accessible websites.

Within our PixelEmu brand, we have created and provided several themes for WordPress that support the WCAG standard. We have also created a plugin for WordPress - DJ-Accessibility, which contains a set of tools to make it easier for visitors of a website on WordPress to use its resources. This plugin also works for Joomla CMS.

Among the tools provided with the plugin, you find such features as:

  • invert colors
  • monochromatic version
  • high contrast
  • low contrast
  • low saturation
  • increase saturation
  • links highlighting
  • headings highlighting
  • reading page content
  • read mode
  • page scaling
  • fonts size
  • increase line spacing
  • changing kerning

WordPress users will find the ability to display the tool as a popup window:

WordrPress WCAG plugin popup

or as a toolbar:

WordrPress WCAG plugin toolbar

Learn more about our plugin - see the video

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