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SEO improvements for Joomla! websites


Are you striving to meet SEO requirements effectively while ensuring proper canonical links on every page of your Joomla website? Introducing DJ-Canonical, a free Joomla plugin designed to address these needs seamlessly.

What's the canonical link?

If your website is available from multiple URLs (addresses) - the canonical link will tell the search engine which one is preferred and which one should be indexed.

When can a plugin be useful?

The plugin can help to show to search engine the preferred URL in such situations:

  • your website is available from multiple domains (for example .com and .eu)
  • your website is available both with www and without it
  • your site is available both with HTTP and HTTPS
  • you do not want URLs with parameters to be indexed in search engines


  • Excluding components -The plugin will not operate in those excluded components.
  • Cut parameters - Enable this feature if you want the plugin to cut the parameters and do not include them in the canonical tag link.
  • Parameters exceptions you can enter parameters you want to keep.


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