To start talking simply press the button

// Is simple

To start a conversation, prospective buyer only need press the "Start Chat" button in the single ads view - after pressing the button the live chat will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Let chatting users through online chat

Make the contact between users of your advertising portal more user friendly and faster.
Thanks to the AJAX technology, users can talk to each other without reloading the page in real time
The user can simultaneously look at your offer and talk about it - it's a big convenience when you don't need to switch between browser tabs.

online chat dj-classifieds

Load previous messages

// archive

You can access to the history of previous conversations from both method
1. the chat view in the corner of the screen
2. in the menu DJ-Chat listener item.
All you have to do is press "Load previous messages" and history of messages that were with this user will be loaded

PS. you can also use one of 2 built-in default themes.

Offline email notifications!

// inform user about message

When users write to each other, but one of them has an offline status, an email notification will be sent to him about an unread message on the page

Add a menu link for chats

You can easily add a new menu item for all the conversations in chats. 

Users will be able to see their past messages in chats, see if the users are available to chat with the red and green icons next to the chat.


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