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Extension is meant for informing your visitors about the cookie policy. This cookie plugin was prepared for Joomla 3.x, Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 1.5 The plugin comes with 4 different styles and many customization options. You can even display any module in the message box.

cm 1

4 different styles

Choose the one that fits your site best. read more

Select where to display message

Top/bottom/system message , fixed position easily set where you want to display the message.read more

cm 2
cm 3

Test mode

Enable test mode to check where the message fit best and what style to choose, once you're ready disable the test option.

Time management

Select if you want to show the message once, or if it should be back after certain time.read more

cm 4
cm 5

Easy source management

You can choose if the message should be displayed from plugin or you want to display any module.

Customize message, links, labels and more

The plugin is highly customizable allowing you to easily control all features from plugin settings.read more

cm 6


Buy now

This extension is very useful not only for advertistment purposes but it also has everything that is required to run a proffesional business directory.
Whats more, compared to other commercial...

Not only a classified-ads extension