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dj-league-downloadsDJ-League is a new free extension. It's still in beta stage, so we welcome anyone for tests.

DJ-League Joomla extension allows you to build a sports league and generate the matches schedule and generate the table with the results of matches (score table).

There are also modules available that will let you display the results in different ways.


Backend Administration

Control panel

It's a simple control panel where you can jump to the needed functionality:



Here you can add the unlimited amount of leagues and configure each one per your needs.

The list of the leagues:


Each league has these settings:


  1. league name
  2. league alias
  3. teams included in the league
  4. Points for Win - can be set per league so you can use it for different sports
  5. Points for Lose
  6. Points for Tie
  7. League description
  8. ID of the league
  9. league creation date
  10. the author of the league


List of the teams in backend:


For each team you can set:


  1. Name
  2. Alias
  3. Upload a logo
  4. type team's city
  5. add team's venue
  6. see the ID
  7. set creation date
  8. set creator user


Games are created automatically after you set the League and Teams.

The list of games:


You can edit each game once it's generated to add the results for example. For each Game you can edit:


  1. Round
  2. Game date
  3. City
  4. Venue
  5. Home team scores
  6. Away team scores
  7. Score note
  8. Winner
  9. Home team table points
  10. Away team table points
  11. Status
  12. Created date
  13. Created by

Score tables




There are 2 module types you can use:

Games schedule module


In this module you can set:

  • League (Select one or All leagues)
  • Team (select one or select All teams)
  • Schedule type (past games or future games)
  • Limit (number of games to display)
  • Show/hide team logo
  • Show/hide game date
  • Show/hide game venue
  • Show/hide "See schedule" link 

Score table module


  • League (Select one or All leagues)
  • Round 
  • Limit (number of games to display)
  • Show/hide team logo
  • Show/hide "See all" link 


Soon we'll update this page with more details about DJ-League.

If you have any questions or requests, let us know on our community forum.

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