DJ-League - Joomla Sports Management extension

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Free Joomla sports management extension


Looking to streamline your sports league management? With DJ-League, effortlessly create and organize league schedules and match results tables, simplifying the process of managing sports tournaments and events.

Useful control panel

DJ League comes with a simple control panel where you can quickly jump to the needed functionality.

Sports tournaments

You can add an unlimited amount of sports tournaments (football/basketball/volleyball and more) and configure each one per your needs.


You can also add an unlimited amount of seasons and configure each depending on your needs. 


There is also the possibility to add an unlimited amount of sports leagues and configure each one of them. 


You can add teams. League games will be created automatically after you set the League and Teams.

Flexible modules

The Joomla sports extension offers useful modules:

Games schedule module
Score table module

Frontpage examples

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