DJ-Notifications is a free Joomla! plugin that displays system messages from Joomla! core and 3rd party extensions in a nicer, modern way in popups instead of inline messages.



Easy and intuitive product card creation

Install and use

Install and enable the plugin, and you're set. New notifications start working out of the box. DJ-Notifications works with any Joomla template.

Easy and intuitive product card creation

Customize notifications

Choose one of 3 themes (light, dark, color) + adaptive mode, 8 available positions, set the effects, enable or disable elements in the notifications and adjust showing and hiding animations.

Easy and intuitive product card creation

Stay or disappear

Messages can close automatically after a specific amount of time or stay visible as long as the user clicks to close them.

Easy and intuitive product card creation

Retina ready

Notifications will look sharp and clear on any resolution, thanks to detailed design and SVG icons.

Easy and intuitive product card creation

Core and 3rd party

The plugin works with core Joomla and 3rd party extensions' notifications.

Easy and intuitive product card creation

Supports HTML tags

DJ-Notifications understands the HTML so that any links will work well.

What is DJ-Notifications, and how can it improve your website's UX?

Keeping users informed about what's happening on the website when they do specific actions is a must-have feedback tool for any website. Clear notifications that always display in the same place provide better workflow and help reduce user frustration.

Core Joomla! system messages display in the component view and may vary depending on the component, website layout and way the extensions work and may lead to inconsistencies.

DJ-Notifications catches system messages from core Joomla! and 3rd party extensions and display them in clear pop-ups that are always in the same place.

DJ-Notifications free Joomla notifications and messages popups

Improve users' workflow

With DJ-Notifications, you can customize Joomla! notifications to fit any website.

Decide where and how should the pop-up messages show and hide, prevent duplicates, display a progress bar, display or hide the closing icon, and customize the system's overall feeling notifications to provide the best experience for the website users.

Notifications will also display any HTML tags, so if you're overriding any notifications and use HTML tags like bold or links, they will be respected and clickable.


DJ-Notifications free Joomla plugin for system messages


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July 6 2021