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Joomla ecommerce template
for YOOtheme


Enhance your online presence with this eCommerce solution! Our ready-to-use eco food online shop, built on Joomla!, DJ-Catalog2 component, and YOOtheme Pro web builder, allows you to easily configure delivery and payment methods, add products, and start making money online. Join the green movement and launch your sustainable online store today.

DJ-FashionStore includes 4 extensions worth €148!

NOTE! Yootheme is a commercial add-on from an external source. You'll need to order it through » the developer's website!

Full integration of DJ-Catalog2 with YOOtheme

With the DJ-Catalog2 YOOtheme Integrator plugin, you can manage product card templates or product list views from the web builder.

An additional advantage is the ability to build product areas anywhere on the page using YOOtheme elements and those provided by the plugin.

Multi-language and multi-currency support

Native language support from the DJ-Catalog2 component. Like other Joomla elements, each product can be assigned to a specific language.

Currency conversion is based on the exchange rate from the National Bank of Poland or the exchange rate set "manually". Currency switch works in each site area (also on front modules.)

Dynamic content

Dynamic content makes it possible to combine the online shop component (DJ-Catalog2) with the YOOtheme web builder elements. With this solution, you can display, for example, a list of products by various criteria, a list of manufacturers or categories.

You do not have to ask a programmer to create a particular module, and you can easily create such modules yourself using dynamic content.

What is

ready to use
online shop template

Purposed for organic food producers and sellers.

Includes all the features you need for your organic, agricultural, or health food-oriented business.  It's perfect for a small business, but thanks to the multilingual and multicurrency option implemented, it will work great for large companies distributing to multiple national markets.

Individual templates depending on the category

You can prepare a differentiated product list of themes for each category. We have prepared three examples to use in the template.

You can save layout templates in your library and use them to create subpages for categories or use one common template for all categories.

YOOtheme elements dedicated to the shop

Categories and filters

New elements for the web builder: categories (so far there was only a module), filter builder, automatic filters.

Product types

Support for physical products, virtual products - downloads, subscriptions, and hybrid products.

Price levels

Possibility of defining prices depending on the number of products purchased. You can specify a fixed value or a percentage.

VAT rates depending on the country of the customer

Possibility to configure any VAT rate depending on the country of the buyer.


Create custom labels to make your products stand out in the list. It will draw attention to special promotional pricing or other unique product features.

Various payment and shipping methods

The plugin system allows you to add multiple payment methods and delivery options. Let your customer choose their preferred methods.

DJ-BeOrganic - Joomla 4 & 5 template / Yootheme
DJ-EcoFood - Joomla 4 & 5 template / Yootheme
DJ-Electronics - Joomla 4 & 5 template / Yootheme
DJ-FashionStore Joomla 4 & 5 template / Yootheme


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Simple and flexible pricing plans

The duration of the plan refers only to the download of extensions, their updates, updates via Joomla / WordPress updater, and technical support. After the subscription expires, there are NO LIMITATIONS in functionality



Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • Quickstart for self-installation
  • 6 months of download, updates, and support
  • Unlimited domains for components
  • The number of domains for the template
  • depends on your YOOtheme license
  • Version for Joomla and WordPress

The Quickstart installation package contains the components and elements described above. You need the YOOtheme PRO plugin to run it.



Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • All extensions and templates
  • 1 year of download, updates, and support
  • Unlimited domains for components

The Quickstart installation package contains the components and elements described above. You need the YOOtheme PRO plugin to run it.

Individual implementation

Contact us if you are interested in the individual implementation of a similar or custom-designed website and professional technical support. We will help!

NOTE! If you want to install the quickstart template yourself and enjoy the benefits of the integrated online shop environment, template system, and DJ-Catalog2 YOOtheme Integrator plugin, you must additionally purchase a license for » Yootheme Pro on the manufacturer's website