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How to use stats module for DJ-Catalog2

Admin stats module displays purchase stats in the back-end panel. In order to enable it:
  1. Navigate to Content -> Adminstrator modules 
  2. Select or create a new module named "DJ-Catalog2 - Admin Stats"
  3. Chose template position. We advise selecting "cpanel" if you use default Joomla! back-end template.
  4. Configure the remaining options according to your preferences.

The configuration above will result in displaying the module in "cpanel" position:

The various filters displayed at the top will allow you to filter statistics based on the following criteria:
  1. Date period (from-to/current week/last week/last month/etc.)
  2. Period grouping (by day/week/month/year)
  3. Specific product and/or product category
  4. Specific customer group or specific customer
  5. Applied coupon code
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