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Tpay DJ-Catalog2 integration

Integrate DJ-Catalog2 with Tpay payment solution, purposed for users from Poland.
Tpay is an online payments operator. They offer fast online transfers, SMS micropayments, credit card processing, and many other services.

This payment plugin comes free with DJ-Catalog2. You need to download, install, enable and configure it manually -  get it from the downloads section (available for active subscribers).

Backend installation

Install the plugin like any other extension.


After installation, you need to enable the plugin.

Go to System -> Plugins and enable "DJ-Catalog2 PAYMENT - Tpay".

Now go to DJ-Catalog2 -> Deliveries and Payments -> Payment methods.

Create a new payment method and choose "DJ-Catalog2 PAYMENT - Tpay" as plugin.

Configure the method as you wish. Then head over to "Settings" tab and complete the following fields:

  • Environment - Production/Sandbox
  • Tpay id - enter your Tpay id from your Tpay account.
  • Security code - enter the security code from your Tpay account.

Frontend usage

 After the correct configuration, that payment method will be displayed on the list of available payment options at the checkout.

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