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Using the DJ-Catalog2 component, you can add all the basic information about the products, categories, and producers that appear in the website's catalog. There are two ways to interact with DJ-Catalog2 component: by using side menu and by using control panel.

Side panel

Side menu gives quick access to the most important component features.

Short description:

  • Control Panel
  • Products
    • Categories
    • Products
    • Product customisations
    • Labels
    • Field groups
    • Extra Fields
    • Cart fields
    • Reviews
  • Producers
    • Producers
    • Producer Categories
    • Producer Extra Fields
  • Shop
    • Orders
    • Subscriptions
    • Queries
    • Messages
  • Coupons and Discounts
    • Coupons
    • Price rules
  • Deliveries and Payments
    • Delivery methods
    • Payment methos
    • Gauges
  • Customers and Vendors
    • Customers
    • Customer groups
    • Customer fields
    • Vendors
  • Settings
    • VAT rates
    • VAT rules
    • Countries
    • Units
    • Currencies
    • Order statuses
    • Message templates
  • Tools
    • Prices and Stock
    • Images manager
    • Import configuration
    • Import data
  • Global settings

Control Panel

There are some additional features, leading to specific actions such as:
  • Products - shortcut to a list of available products
  • New Product - shortcut to add a new product
  • Categories - shortcut to a list of available categories
  • New Category - shortcut to add a new category
  • Producers - shortcut to a list of available producers
  • New Producer - shortcut to add a new producer
  • Field groups - shortcut to a list of available field groups
  • New field group - shortcut to add a new field group
  • Extra Fields - shortcut to a list of available extra fields
  • New Extra Field - shortcut to add a new extra field
  • Queries - shortcut to a list of available queries
  • Orders - shortcut to a list of available orders
  • Subscriptions - shortcut to a list of available subscriptions
  • Countries - shortcut to a list of defined countries
  • Images managershortcut to the tool which allows you to recreate thumbnails and images after changing image sizes in component options
  • Optionsshortcut to component options
  • Documentationlink to the documentation at www.dj-extensions.com
  • Add new featuresDJ-Catalog2 customization inquiry