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New to DJ-Extensions?

Configuration / Options

Let's take a look at the DJ-Catalog2 component configuration. Click the Global settings button which is located on the DJ-Catalog2 side menu, then you will see this window:

General Settings

Theme settings

Do not remove or modify the default folder!

Cache settings

Joomla! Cache needs to be enabled!

File upload

Contact forms settings

Currency / price settings

Map settings

Social sharing & commenting


Category layout settings


Sub-categories layout settings

Product list

Items layout general settings

Product filtering

Product layout

Location settings

RSS settings

Product page

Single product page layout settings

Related items

Variants settings

Location settings

Map settings

Compare page

Product layout

Location settings

Producers list

List of producers layout settings

Producer categories settings


General cart settings


Shopping cart settings

Query cart settings

Image processing

Global settings

TIP! How to calculate the small image width:

Ws = (Wl - S * (TC - 1)) / TC
- Ws - small image width
- Wl - large image width
- TC - number of small images you want to display below large image
- S - space between small images = (2 * padding) + horizontal spacing

Watermark settings

DJ-MediaTools (DJ-MT) Integration

Category image settings (optional - leave empty to apply global settings)

Producer image settings (optional - leave empty to apply global settings)

SEO Settings

Search Engine Friendly URLs settings

Front-end edit

Front-end product submission / management

Location settings

My Items layout settings

Wish list



In permissions tab you can set the permissions for particular DJ-Classifieds actions:
Click the Save & Close button once you have configured all the parameters.

Cron jobs