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New to DJ-Extensions?

DJ-MediaTools integration. Make beautiful product galleries with DJ-MediaTools

How to set it up

First, you need to be sure you have the latest DJ-MediaTools version installed along with installed DJ-MediaTools's DJ-Catalog2 integration. Once you installed both packages, head over and enable DJ-MediaTools Source - DJ-Catalog2 Gallery plugin.

DJ-MediaTools setup

  1. Now, go to Components -> DJ-MediaTools -> Albums and create a new Album.
  1. Fill all needed fields (also set the layout you want to use on product page by selecting it in DJ-MediaTools -> New Album  form and choose DJ-Catalog2 Product Gallery as the Album source 

DJ-Catalog2 setup

Now enable DJ-Catalog2 settings to handle integration for DJ-MediaTools.

Go to DJ-Catalog2 configuration -> Image Processing tab and scroll down to DJ-MediaTools (DJ-MT) Integration section and enable this feature (set it to "Yes”).

Below that setting, you'll find 4 additional settings:

  1. DJ-MT Album - Product
  2. DJ-MT Album - Category
  3. DJ-MT Album - Producer
  4. DJ-MT Minimum count
For points 1,2, and 3, you need to choose one of the Album(s) you created earlier in the first step (DJ-MediaTools setup).

In setting DJ-MT Minimum count, you can decide when the integration will be triggered (default the setting is 2 - so the DJ-MediaTools integration will display DJ-MediaTools layout only are more than 2 images in product, category, or producer view).

Click Save to save the settings.

When it's all set

You’ll see the DJ-MediaTools layout in product details. In DJ-MediaTools album settings, you can choose one of the available layouts (slider, gallery grid, modern slider, kwicks, skitter, and more)