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VAT rates and VAT rules

If necessary, you can create and assign VAT rate for each product in your DJ-Catalog2 store. What's more, depending on the country from which your customer comes from (meaning the country selected in his user profile), you can display different rate for given product. And that's what VAT rules and rates are for.

  • VAT rule - is the overall abstract rule to which product has been assigned; selection of country-specific VAT rates which are indirectly assigned to a product.
  • VAT rate - is the specific rate that (usually) has been assigned to the specific country.
VAT rates and rules can be created in DJ-Catalog2 back-end on VAT rates/rules pages.


Let's say you are selling a product which in most of EU countries is taxed with "standard rate". Of course, since this standard rate is usually different in every country, so what you should do is:
  1. Create VAT rates for countries of your choice, e.g. the UK: 20%, Poland 23%, Germany 19%, etc.
In "Client type" field you can select type of clients that should apply this rule.

When VAT rates are considered, the "Client type" will be automatically assigned to a customer, based on customer's country and provided VAT identification (VATIN) number.
The rules are as follows:
- Commercial - customer's billing is EU country and the VATIN number is valid according to VIES system
- Individual - user did not select the country OR the country is outside EU OR entered VATIN number is either empty or invalid.

  1. Create VAT rule named "Standard rate" and assign all previously created rates to it. The tax rate you need provide in here is the default rate (usually your domestic VAT rate) which will be used in the back-end, for your information only.
  1. Create a product and select "Standard rate" tax rate.

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