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Shipment Address Book

The address book is a feature that allows a customer to store multiple delivery addresses.

The address book (that is, delivery addresses) is visible on the front page (user and website administrator can edit or delete entries).

You can add the address book as a menu.

To add it, you must be logged in to the back of your Joomla installation.
Open the “Menu” and go to “All menu items”.  Create a new "Menu".
In the  “Menu Item Type”, you should choose the right type, in this case, “DJ-Catalog2” and “Delivery Address Book View.”

The address book on the front end

Here's how the address book looks on the front:

Users can add new entries and edit or delete existing entries.
And this is the form for adding a new address:

The address book in the checkout

The address book functionality also appears during shopping in the "checkout" view.
The checkout page view includes "Billing information" and "Delivery information."

Choosing the delivery method

In the delivery information you can choose between:
  • Use billing address
  • I want to provide a different address.
You can choose from the list from the book or use the options "save in address book."
Let's provide the example data for a user:
If you choose the "Save" option, delivery details will be saved in your address book for future orders.

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