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Producers dynamic content

Producers dynamic content

Producers' dynamic content is recommended for yootheme multiple items element

Advanced options

This dynamic content has additional advanced options that can be set:

  • limit by categories - select from which categories producers should be displayed

  • start - select the starting point for the producers' list

  • quantity - limit the number of producers

Dynamic content attributes

Producers' dynamic content attributes have 3 different groups.


  • name - producer's name

  • description - producer's description

  • created - producer's creation date

  • modified - producer's modification date

  • producer image - producer's image

  • link - link to producer page

  • link to products - a link to products that have been assigned this producer

Producer Category

  • name - producer's category name

  • description - producer's category description

  • category image - producer's category image

  • link to category - link to producer's category


  • name - category's author name

  • username - category's author username

  • email - category's author email

  • registered - category's author registration date

  • last visit date - category's author last visit date

  • link - link to category's author contact

  • id - author's id