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Categories element allows you to display categories in different ways.

This element is visible under DJ-Catalog2 Tab in elements library:

Options - display type Default List

Several options can be configured to display categories:

  • show category image - displays category image

  • show readmore button - displays readmore button

  • category image size - select between: large, original, medium, small and thumb

Options - display type Standard List

  • expand categories - display children categories

  • category layout - list or dropdown

  • display products counter - displays the number of products that are in the categories

Options - position & more

  • margin top - select a top margin

  • position - select between static, absolute, or relative

  • left - a position from the left

  • right - a position from the right

  • top - a position from the top

  • bottom - a position from the bottom

  • z index - select z index

  • width/height - provide width and height of this element

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