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Dynamic content type: ItemImage

This is an object containing information about a single DJ-Classifieds image



It is a path relative to the image


This is the name of the file


image file extension


This is a caption assigned to a image

Thumb (S)

Thumbnail size small

Thumb (M)

Thumbnail size medium

Thumb (B)

Thumbnail size big

Thumb (Table)

Thumbnail size table

Thumb (Blog)

Thumbnail size blog

Thumb (Item Main)

Thumbnail single item view size

Short description:

  • Control Panel
  • Products
    • Categories
    • Products
    • Product customisations
    • Labels
    • Field groups
    • Extra Fields
    • Cart fields
    • Reviews
  • Producers
    • Producers
    • Producer Categories
    • Producer Extra Fields
  • Shop
    • Orders
    • Subscriptions
    • Queries
    • Messages
  • Coupons and Discounts
    • Coupons
    • Price rules
  • Deliveries and Payments
    • Delivery methods
    • Payment methos
    • Gauges
  • Customers and Vendors
    • Customers
    • Customer groups
    • Customer fields
    • Vendors
  • Settings
    • VAT rates
    • VAT rules
    • Countries
    • Units
    • Currencies
    • Order statuses
    • Message templates
  • Tools
    • Prices and Stock
    • Images manager
    • Import configuration
    • Import data
  • Global settings

Control Panel

There are some additional features, leading to specific actions such as:
  • Products - shortcut to a list of available products
  • New Product - shortcut to add a new product
  • Categories - shortcut to a list of available categories
  • New Category - shortcut to add a new category
  • Producers - shortcut to a list of available producers
  • New Producer - shortcut to add a new producer
  • Field groups - shortcut to a list of available field groups
  • New field group - shortcut to add a new field group
  • Extra Fields - shortcut to a list of available extra fields
  • New Extra Field - shortcut to add a new extra field
  • Queries - shortcut to a list of available queries
  • Orders - shortcut to a list of available orders
  • Subscriptions - shortcut to a list of available subscriptions
  • Countries - shortcut to a list of defined countries
  • Images managershortcut to the tool which allows you to recreate thumbnails and images after changing image sizes in component options
  • Optionsshortcut to component options
  • Documentationlink to the documentation at www.dj-extensions.com
  • Add new featuresDJ-Catalog2 customization inquiry

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