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Elements: Classifieds List

Adding Classifieds List element

To use Classifieds List, navigate to your section in YooTheme Builder:

adding classifieds list element

Add a new element to the section. Classifieds List element is located under the DJ-Classifieds group:

classifieds list element in yootheme pro


classifieds list configuration

Classifieds list element has 3 tabs:

  • Content - Allows to add new items and set display options. You can decide which content attributes should be displayed by checking show buttons

  • Settings - This tab allows configuring options for content attributes (for example, position, dimensions)

  • Advanced - This tab is the default one for yootheme elements

Adding dynamic content

Classifieds List element can be used for example for a list of a few adverts from a category displayed in a column.

To add dynamic content as a source for items' attributes, navigate to Content and click the 'Add Item' button.

You should see a list of attributes for products. Then navigate to the 'Advanced' tab and select the "Custom Ads" position, which is located under the "DJ-Classifieds" group.

dj-classifieds integrator adding dynamic content

Now navigate back to the "Content" tab. To assign dynamic content to the specific field, click the 'Dynamic' option and select an attribute. 

dj-classifieds integrator content tab in dynamic content