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Elements: Classifieds Panel Slider

Adding Classifieds Panel Slider element

To use Classifieds Panel Slider, navigate to your section in YooTheme Builder:

Add a new element to the section. Classifieds Panel Slider element is located under the DJ-Classifieds group:


Classifieds Panel Slider element has 3 tabs:

  • Content - Allows to add new items and set display options. You can decide which content attributes should be displayed by checking show buttons

  • Settings - This tab allows configuring options for content attributes (for example, position, dimensions)

  • Advanced - This tab is the default one for yootheme elements

Adding dynamic content

You can use the element to display Slider with ads from a specific category, region or type.

To add dynamic content as a source for items' attributes, navigate to Content and click the 'Add Item' button.

You should see a list of attributes for products. Then navigate to the 'Advanced' tab and select the "Custom Ads" position, which is located under the "DJ-Classifieds" group.

Now navigate back to the "Content" tab. To assign dynamic content to the specific field, click the 'Dynamic' option and select an attribute. 

Extra fields

In the Panel Slider, you can create also extra fields and fill them with static text for each profile box or fetch specific data with dynamic content.

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