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Basic usage

This element will allow you to build advanced search engines based on your Joomla content!

After installing the extension, make sure that the DJ-ContentFilters plugin is enabled.


If you want to use DJ-ContentFilters on your site, the first step would be to create a menu item with the type " Category Blog"
The next step of configuration is to create a unique template for our menu item. You can do this by following the video below.
Then we need to enable DJ-ContentFilters for the section where we want to place the search form.
If no category is selected in the DJ-ContentFilters configuration, the search engine will work on all categories that are published (including the ROOT category).
Once we have completed the basic configuration of DJ-ContentFilters, we can move on to building our form.
Information about currently available fields and their configuration you can check here.
For the search engine to work properly, it is necessary to embed the "Submit button" in the "DJ-ContentFilters" section
If you have already configured the search engine according to your needs, you should now assign the results to a data container such as the " Grid" element


In order for the DJ-ContentFilters to work correctly, the "Pagination" element from the "DJ-ContentFilters" group must be used. The "Pagination" element from the "system" group will not work correctly with search results


Formatting fields with multiple options

You can specify the position and margin for fields that have multiple options (Checkbox, Radio). You will find these options in the "Settings" tab.

Automatic form submit

For the fields listed below, it is possible to set the automatic sending of the form after checking the "Submit" option. You can find it in the "Settings" tab in the "Preferences" section.

  • Category select
  • Checkbox
  • Datepicker
  • Radio
  • Select input

Sorting of search results DJ-ContentFilters

You can specify the sorting of search results by setting the "Order" parameter when assigning dynamic content
The dynamic content of SearchResults contains the same sorting options as Articles

Default value

This is an option for select, checkbox & date fields. It allows you to enter a specific field which value of this field should be selected by default.

Submit on start

This feature allows pre-filtering your search view. You can define default values for designated fields, which will be automatically applied upon page load.

First set default values in fields. Then, in the form configuration mark the 'Submit on start' option.

Checkbox element's 'Filter logic'

This option allows you to define the logic used when searching for items based on your selected checkboxes. Two options are available:

"Or": When selected, the search results will include items that have at least one of the selected checkbox values. For example, if you select "red" and "blue", the results will include items that are either red, blue, or both.
"And": When selected, the search results will only include items that have all of the selected checkbox values. For example, if you select "red" and "blue", the results will only include items that are both red and blue.

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