Create a slide

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Create a slide

Let's see how to cerate a new slide.

Press "Slides" and then "New" in the top left corner. You will se a page:

Now you can define slide's details and add an image. It is required to enter the title, choose the category and select an image. After that, you can click "Save".

Short description:

  • Title - enter a name of slide
  • Category - choose a category of slide
  • Slide image - choose a slide image
  • Slide description - enter a description of a slide
  • Status - Published/Unpublished
  • Start Publishing - an optional date from which the slide should be published from
  • Finish Publishing - an optional date to which the slide should be published
  • ID - record number in the database
  • Link type - choose if the slide should link to anything; and type of the link: menu item, url address, article
  • ALT attribute - if empty, then slide title will be used
  • TITLE attribute - if empty, then no slide attribute will be used

After saving your slide, it will appear on the list of existing slides. See an example below:

If you want to make some changes in added slide e.g. change an image or a description, you have to edit a respective slide chosen from the list.

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