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DJ-LikeBox is a simple module that displays the Facebook Newsfeed / Events / Messenger widget.
With this module you don't need to look for the API key, just enter the URL address of your fan page, set the basic module parameters and that's it!

Navigate Extensions -> Modules and choose the DJ-LikeBox module.

Let's take a look at Module Parameters:
  • Facebook page URL - Provide your FB Page URL to display the feed
  • Include FB SDK - usually, you need to set it to “Yes” and the module will use the SDK from Facebook
  • Facebook App ID - You can provide your Facebook App ID for javascript SDK inclusion
  • Width - provide the width of the Facebook feed widget
  • Height - provide the height of the Facebook feed widget
  • Tabs - select what you want to be displayed in the Facebook widget
  • Hide Cover Photo - decide if you want to show or hide the cover image of your Facebook page
  • Show Friend’s Faces - enable or disable displaying of friends’ faces in the widget
  • Hide custom call to action button - hide or show the CTA button if set on your Facebook Page
  • Use small header - enable to display the smaller header of the Facebook page in the widget
  • Adapt to module container width - responsive settings, set to “Yes” for the module to try to fit the widget to fit the container it is set in

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