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How to add locally stored video to DJ-MediaTools

Adding locally stored video to DJ-MediaTools

You can display .mp4 format video from any server providing it’s URL. This is an addition to cloud stored videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Liveleak, DailyMotion, Yahoo!Movies).

It’s easy as pasting an URL of the video in Video Link section in custom item view in DJ-MediaTools.

Adding Video to the custom item in DJ-MediaTools Album

To add an item with video to the Album in Joomla’s backend go to ComponentsDJ-MediaToolsItems+New. Paste the url to the video in Full Video section it’ll automatically load the preview. The title and item image will be completed automatically. If you do not want to use a default placeholder for video you can add yours in Item image section. Then go to Publishing Options and choose tour Album where you want to publish the slide.

dj-mediatools adding locally stored video
dj-mediatools add album to video link

Now Save the item and it’ll be visible in the album on frontend.

See video tutorial

To create custom item/slide with locally stored video you have two options of doing so

You can: Upload the video file to your server

You can use FTP client. To do so, simply login to ftp to your server, navigate to place where you want to upload the video file.

Upload the video using media manager built in Joomla

You can use the built-in media manager that comes with Joomla. First make sure you’ve allowed .mp4 files to be uploaded by Joomla. In Joomla backend go to: ContentMedia.

dj-mediatools adding video in media manager in Joomla 4.x

then click Options

dj-mediatools media manager options

and in the options add mp4 as the Legal Video Extensions (File Types) and Save and Close the changes.

dj-mediatools add legal video extensions

Now create new folder and call it Videos then click Create Folder. This will create the Videos folder in your Joomla installation.

dj-mediatools creating new folder in media manager in Joomla 4.x
dj-mediatools create new folder

Now click the Videos folder and in this view click Upload choose the video you have on your disk and click Start Upload. You can also drop your file(s) to upload section.

dj-mediatools adding new video file in media manager in Joomla 4.x

Once uploaded you’ll see the video file on the list.

dj-mediatools uploaded video file view

See video tutorial