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How to use video background instead of image in the slideshow?

Video background in the slideshow

If you want to create a more eye-catching slideshow on your website you can now use YouTube, Video or MP4 video in the slideshow instead of a static image.

Background Video option is available since DJ-MediaTools 2.12+ . It's applicable only for Slideshow , Slideshow with thumbnails , Tabber and Modern Slider layouts and supports YouTube , Vimeo or local/remote MP4 videos

Adding video into the slideshow

  1. Go to your Joomla! back-end
  2. Navigate to DJ-MediaTools > Control Panel
  3. Add new Item
  4. Paste the regular URL to YouTube, Vimeo or local/remote MP4 video into Background Video option field
  5. Add a title and set the album
  6. Save Custom Item
dj-mediatools add video background in the slideshow

Note that the image is still required while it will be displayed during loading of the video. Also not all album layouts support background video feature, so the image will be used for them.

The video URL is parsed and the video preview is displayed under the field. The URL for video thumbnail is automatically fetched, however you can add a better quality image while video providers don't serve high-resolution video thumbnails. The thumbnail for MP4 video is just a video icon, so it's recommended to always set the image for local/remote MP4 videos.

The slideshow playbacks the video in a loop without the sound. The video covers all the available space for a slide, so if the slideshow proportion is not equal to the video proportion then the video is cropped.

Video tutorial

See how to use video background instead of image in the slideshow on our YouTube channel.