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The inheritance (hierarchy) of settings in DJ-MediaTools

Hierarchy of settings

DJ-MediaTools gives a few ways to set it up considering the items. You can use the Global settings, settings on the Album level, and settings on Menu Item and Module level.

What's more, you can also re-use the settings in various albums (or even, with the export option in Presets, on multiple websites) with Presets.

It is worth to know how the inheritance of settings works to be sure how to manage them.

The hierarchy

Here's the simple map of inheritance in DJ-MediaTools:

dj-mediatools hierarchy map

Each new Album, Menu Item, Module that you create inherits the values form a higher level unless you modify them).

  • The highest level of settings is Global Options.

  • Album settings: overwrites settings from Global Options. If "inherit" is selected, the value inherits from Global Options.

  • The menu item and Module settings: overwrites settings from Album Options. If "inherit" is selected, the value inherits from Album Settings.


If in the Module (or menu item) setting, the Album layout is set to Inherit the setting for this field will be pulled from the Album settings.

Accordingly, if you set the Album layout setting on the Album level as Inherit it will pull the setting from the Global options.

dj-mediatools add module example


If you use Presets and choose the preset on any level (Album, Menu item or Module) - the preset settings will overwrite the "Inherit" settings of the field and the settings from the preset will be used.