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How to display galleries in DJ-Classifieds adverts with DJ-MediaTools layouts?

Display galleries in DJ-Classifieds adverts

The new integration allows integration DJ-MediaTools to DJ-Classifieds adverts view. After all is configured, you'll be able to display galleries in DJ-Classifieds adverts view using any of the available layouts from DJ-MediaTools!

See the video explaining how to configure the integration in 3 minutes and below it you'll find written step by step instructions.

Install and enable the plugin

First you need to be sure you have latest DJ-MediaTools and DJ-Classifieds version installed along with enabled DJ-Classifieds integration plugin for DJ-MediaTools.

The plugin is available for all active DJ-Mediatools subscribers and can be downloaded here.

Now you need to install and enable the plugin (like any other Joomla extension).

DJ-MediaTools Setup

  • in Joomla backend go to Components -> DJ-MediaTools -> Albums and create new Album by clicking the New button

  • Fill all needed fields (also set the layout you want to use on product page by selecting it in DJ-MediaTools -> New Album form and choose DJ-Classifieds Ads Gallery as the Album source

  • Save form

dj-mediatools dj-classifieds album source

DJ-Classifieds setup

In your Joomla back end open Components -> DJ-Classifieds -> Options -> Images tab -> DJ-MediaTools (DJ-MT) integration and set it like this:

dj-mediatools dj-classifieds setup
  • select Yes so the integration works

  • choose DJ-MediaTools album you created earlier

  • decide when the integration will start working. If you set 1 here - the DJ-MediaTools layouts will be used for every advert with picture/image

Now you have enabled DJ-MediaTools Album Layouts to work with DJ-Classifieds adverts!

dj-mediatools album view in dj-classifieds ad