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How to use Album Custom Field?

How to use Album Custom Field?

With DJ-MediaTools custom field plugin you can utilize the custom fields in Joomla articles with DJ-MediaTools.

Using custom fields is a great way to have the content better structured and more easily manageable by the administrators of the website.

The basic idea of custom fields is that you can display them in relation to the article's content. For example, if you set up the DJ-MediaTools custom field you can decide if the Album selected in this custom field will be displayed after the title, before or after the article content. This is a great way to

If you are not familiar with Joomla Custom Fields you should check the article first to learn all about it: How to use custom fields in Joomla 4?

How to configure DJ-MediaTools custom field for Joomla articles?

The custom field is available as a plugin that is installed with the All In One DJ-MediaTools package. The plugin's name is Fields - DJ-MediaTools Album.

Assuming that you are already familiar with the concept of custom fields in Joomla there are the steps you need to take to create and use DJ-MediaTools custom field.

Make sure that the Fields - DJ-MediaTools Album plugin is enabled

dj-mediatools album fields
  • Go to Content - Fields and click New
  • Choose DJ-MediaTools Album from the select list in the Type option
  • Now choose the preset from the bottom select list called Preset (this will be the Preset assigned to the Album selected with this custom field)
  • Set other options available in the General, Options, Publishing  and Permissions tab to customize the custom field per your needs
  • Click Save
dj-mediatools content fields view
dj-mediatools add new fields
dj-mediatools add dj-mediatools album type field

How to use the custom field in the Joomla article?

Now, when the custom field is created (and assigned to the proper categories. Please note that in our example the custom field is assigned to All categories, but you can choose the categories where the particular custom field can be used, it makes it even more flexible solution) we can start using it in the article.

It is really simple.

Create or edit an article and open the Fields tab. Here you can select the Album easily.

dj-mediatools fields tab in article

Click Save and the selected album will be displayed in the article in the place where it was set in the custom field.

dj-mediatools fields tab in article

What you should know?

  • Remember to have the Fields - DJ-MediaTools Album plugin enabled in order for the DJ-MediaTools custom field to be usable in Joomla articles.
  • The plugin allows you to use the Presets. Learn more about the Presets in DJ-MediaTools.
  • Remember that you can also display DJ-MediaTools album in the article with an editor button or by using a tag, right inside the article.