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Should I use Magnific Popup or Photoswipe lightbox option?

Magnific Popup or Photoswipe lightbox option

n version 2.12 we have introduced a new lightbox/modal/popup type - Photoswipe.

This new lightbox type is ideal for the images albums for mobile devices. Choose it if your album is made of images and you want to give nice control over the gallery for tablets, phones etc.

To enable the Photoswipe lightbox option go to the Album settings - navigate to Image on-click behavior and change it to Open image in lightbox - then choose Photoswipe in Lightbox type option and click Save .

dj-mediatools pgotoswipe lightbox options
dj-mediatools image on-click behaviour options
dj-mediatools album settings lightbox type

See our video tutorial

See what Photoswipe has to offer for mobile devices