How to use DJ-Notifications?

New to DJ-Extensions?

How to use DJ-Notifications?


Download the DJ-Notifications from the download section.

Now, to install it on your Joomla site, on side menu choose "System". Then choose "Install extensions":

In "Upload Package File" choose file which we installed earlier.

Configuring the plugin

Let’s start the configuration of the plugin.

Go to System -> Manage -> Plugins and find "System - DJ-Notifications" plugin.

  • Position - decide where to display notifications
  • Show method - choose the show method
  • Hide method - choose the hide method
  • Show easing - select your show easing method of choice
  • Hide easing - select your hide easing method of choice
  • Close button - decide if you want to display the X symbol in the notification
  • Display icons - decide if you want to display icons
  • Display headers - decide if you want to display headers
  • Newest on top - select if you want to display the notifications
  • Prevent duplicates - let the system filter out duplicated notifications
  • Progress bar - decide if you want to display the progress bar in the notifications
  • Time out - set the time of how long should the notification be displayed
  • Extended time out - set the time for the extended time out, this is the time to be set when the user hovers the notification
  • Load jQuery - DJ-Notification rely on jQuery if you enable the plugin and see the error message in the frontend - enable this parameter (jQuery is required
  • Debug - when enabled shows the links to see how the notifications work and provide additional information in the console
  • Alerts URL - (only shown if Debug option is enabled) Error/Warning/Info/Success/All

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