Overview of DJ-Notifications

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Overview of DJ-Notifications

DJ-Notifications is a free Joomla plugin that triggers an event when Joomla initializes, and retrieves all messages from the  Joomla cor/messages queue/ form validation and then displays these messages via the plugin in nice transparent pop-ups.

Where does DJ-Notifications work?

DJ-Notifications should work with the majority of extensions and Joomla! Core messages/notifications.

How does DJ-Notifications work?

Messages queue

DJ-Notifications works, so that after Joomla is initialized, an event is called which retrieves all messages from the queue and then displays these messages using the plugin in nice clear pop-pups.

Form-validations messages

The form-validation mechanism observes the mutation of the DOM objects in the message container. When the mutation happens, cuts the alert fragment and calls the alert again, this time through DJ-Notifications.

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