Rating criteria

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Rating criteria

You can define your own rating criteria such as "product quality", "shipping time", "communication" etc.
The criteria can be different for different rating groups. This gives a flexible option to use DJ-Reviews on different purposes with different components to fit your needs.

Learn more about setting the criteria from this tutorial: How to setup your own criteria

List of criteria

Criteria are listed under the "Rating criteria" menu item of DJ-Reviews. Here you can see and enter each of the criteria easily. It is also possible to change the state of the criteria, see the ID, field type, and weight.

Criteria details

  • Name - enter the name of the criterion
  • Label - select the label
  • ID
  • Published - Yes / No
  • Required - Yes / Np
  • Field type - Rating 1-5 / Text / List
  • Weight - the importance of the criterion. It should be a number greater than zero. Weight will be used to calculate an overall rating.
  • Description - enter tooltip description of the rating criterion
  • Created Date - Created date
  • Created By - the user who created this

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