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How to use DJ-Classifieds Subscription Plans User Plugin

This plugin allows assigning Subscription Plan from Subscription Plans Addon for DJ-Classifieds to any Joomla User Group.

Once set and enabled, users from particular User Groups will get a free subscription plan. You can also decide if the plan will be automatically renewed when expired or applied just once.

This plugin works with Subscription Plans Addon for DJ-Classifieds and is available for download if you have an active subscription for this app.

Installation and Setup

Install the plugin as any other Joomla extension and then navigate to  System -> Manage -> Plugins -> User - DJ-Classifieds Subscription Plans.

In the settings, you'll find groups ready for setup. Each group has the same settings.

Users Group

Here you can choose to which group you'll apply the Subscription Plan. Choose any of your Joomla User Groups you want to affect.

Plan for user group

Select Subscription Plan that will be applied to the previously chosen User Group.

Renew type

You can decide if the plan will be assigned only once or will be automatically renewed once expired in these settings.

You can set different plans for different user groups, and each group can have a different setup.

The plan is automatically assigned to the user once he logs in to the site.

This is how Subscription Plans App for DJ-Classifieds works.

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