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Add category

Now you can pass on to create a new category.

Click on the Add Category button from the Control Panel, and you will be directed to the page:

Short description


  • Name – enter the name of the category.
  • Alias – enter alias
  • Price – price for adding ads to this category
  • Price points – 'price' for adding ads to this category in points
  • Description – enter the category full description in the text-area (optional)

Custom fields

  • Custom fields – assign custom fields to the category. First, you have to Save the category to manage the custom fields.

Once the new category is saved, you can select custom fields used in this category.

Access Restrictions

  • Access only for adults – choose if access to this category should be restricted.
  • Viewing Access Restrictions – set the restrictions
  • Viewing Advert Details Acces Restrictions – set the restrictions
  • Adding Access Restrictions – set the restrictions.
  • Ads limit (per user)


  • Meta title - Text included in the 'title' HTML tag in the Category/Single Ad pages<br><b>Note: </b>The 'category_seo_title' tag needs to be set in the 'Item/Category title' parameter (Global configuration -> SEO)
  • Meta keywords – an optional comma-separated list of keywords or phrases to be used in the HTML output
  • Meta description – an optional paragraph to be used as the description of the category in the HTML output
  • Metatag 'robots' - choose the meta tag robots.
  • Schema type (AMP) - Type of structured data of adverts from this category (added to the 'itemtype' attribute of the advert's HTML wrapper), used by Amp plugin


  • Icon – shows the existing category icon.
  • Add icon – add an icon to the category (optional)

See an example list of categories:

If you want to make some changes in the added category, e.g. change the image or the description, you can click on the Edit button after selecting the category you want to edit.

Make your changes and click the Save button.

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