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Hide longitude and latitude in submission form

If you think that longitude and latitude fields in advert submission form can be confusing, you can hide them.

Find the parameter in Options -> Global -> Map & Location Settings  section where you can select whether you’d like to use longitude and latitude or not.

The possible options are:

  • No - no need to provide coordinates, no map displayed,
  • Yes select on the map - this setting displays just the map and takes the coordinates from the map selection (moving the pin on the map),
  • Yes enter values or select on a map. This  setting displays both longitude and latitude fields where the coordinates can be provided in the form field or let the user choose the location directly on the map and update coordinates based on selecting the map pin icon.

Why may you want to change those settings?

The option to select the location on the map and providing coordinates can be useful in situations when you want to let your users provide exact coordinates if the location they are using is not possible to find by Google Map or when the map location should show slightly (or totally) different location than the address provided from the select lists in the submission form.

This feature can also slightly fix the location on the map if Google shows it with an error.

Please note that the radius search in filters/search module uses the coordinates provided on the map.