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How to set custom icons for google maps for different categories in DJ-Classifieds?

You Can Set Your Icons for Google Maps in DJ-Classifieds.

The different icon can be set for each category you have.

It's easy to do so. Just follow the instructions: 

  1. create the icon you want to assign to a particular category
  2. name it as in this scheme: djcf_gmicon_XX.png where XX is your category ID (i.e. djcf_gmicon_10.png image will show a different icon for a category with ID 10)
  3. upload the file to Joomla /images folder (your Joomla main folder /images)
  4. set "Maps icon" option to "Custom" in parameters
  5. you're done the custom icons will appear on your maps module and advert's detail page

note: you can replace the icon for specific categories only if you want, then the only icon for this category will be changed other adverts will have default icon.

note2: you can also replace the default icon with yours, to do so follow the steps mentioned above name the icon: djcf_gmicon.png and upload it to the same /images folder