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If needed, you can create additional durations of displaying ads on your website and set a separate price for each duration. Users may choose then, how long and in which category their ad should be displayed.

  • Days - Days of durations displaying ads / Type 0 for unlimited.
  • Label - Optional text, will be displayed instead of the days number.
  • Price - Set the price for adding advert to durations.
  • Points - Set the price in points for this duration.
  • Renew price - Set the price for renewing advert.
  • Renew price points - Set the price ( in points ) for renewing advert.
  • Published - Yes / No
  • Category assignment - Set the duration for the chosen category

You can set durations for images.

You can set durations for Chars.

Modification of the adverts and expiration time

There is no possibility of changing the duration because it is calculated based on the duration expiration date, and payment is taken. After change duration, there will be a problem with calculating payments, when previously there was a lower price, we could take just difference when there was a lower price. Still, when the price was more significant, the user would want to have the return of money and this cause problem. When publication of advert is on the end-user can renew advert on his adverts list and there select new duration period. Renewing can be done during the advert is still published, several days before advert expiration when the user can renew advert can be set in DJ-Classifieds parameters.

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