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GDPR Agreements in DJ-Classifieds forms

DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.7.3 introduced additional form controls, which compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this article, we would like to demonstrate how to configure those controls.

In DJ-Classifieds there are five types of forms which collect personal data and which might oblige you to do enable required checkbox fields along with the information on why you need to collect user data and whether the user accepts your website's privacy policy:

  1. Add Advert
  2. User registration
  3. Ask seller
  4. Abuse report
  5. Payment details
You can enable a new checkbox with the Privacy Policy field in DJ-Classifieds options (security tab).
And the second checkbox with Data protection agreement.
When enabling field "Data protection agreement (GDPR)" you can also provide your own field description or leave it blank and base on label COM_DJCLASSIFIEDS_GDPR_AGREEMENT_LABEL which can be translated via overrides.
When options are enabled along with Terms and Conditions, in advert creation form you will have 3 checkboxes available:
  1. "Terms and Conditions"
  2. "Privacy Policy"
  3. "Data protection agreement."
New Fields are also added to:
  • Registration page
  • Ask Seller form
  • Abuse report
  • Payment for points, adverts and promotions.
These fields are required for the correct submission of forms.

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