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How to mark advertiser as a Verified Seller

The Verified Seller green badge administrator can mark trusted users, so buyers can see that these advertiser details were confirmed.


Marking user as a Verified Seller is as easy as changing one parameter. You don't need to enable this feature in global configuration, go
to  Components -> DJ-Classifieds -> Users Profiles  then  Edit User  you want to mark as verified and set 'Verified Seller' to  Yes .

Verified Seller badge on the list of adverts

All adverts added by Verified Seller will get the special green icon next to advert's title on the adverts list.

The icon appears on all available views where you can display the adverts (blog, table, smart table):

Verified Seller badge on the advert details page

On advert details page the Verified Seller green badge will be shown next to the advert's title and next to the Advertiser name:

Verified Seller green badge on user's profile page

Users can also find the  Verified Seller badge  on the user's profile page:

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