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Search autocomplete

This new feature allows enabling autocomplete functionality in DJ-Classifieds search and filters module.

Once enabled, the user will see suggested results when filling the search box.

The autocomplete functionality scans.
  • Adverts
  • Categories
  • Regions 

Enable autocomplete in the search module

  1. First thing you need to do is enable the Autocomplete functionality.
  2. In Joomla backend go to Menus->Site Modules, and find module DJ-Classifieds Search. 
  3. Open/edit the module and find the Search Autocomplete option and select Show. 
  4. Save the module settings. 

How does it work on frontend?

Now when the feature is enabled, you’ll see the hints when typing in the search box:

Searching for adverts:

When you start typing the advert’s name, it’ll suggest the options.

Searching for category:

You can also start typing the category name.

Searching for adverts’ regions:

When you start typing the location, the adverts assigned to this locations are being suggested.

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