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Points system

The points system is a feature which allows users to buy points and use them to pay for posting ads. For the user, there are three ways of getting points:
  • buying points packages
  • getting points given manually by the administrator
  • getting 'start package' while registering

The points system is built-in to DJ-Classifieds. You do not need to download additional extensions to start using Points System.

Creating points packages and adding points to the user

List of points packages

Adding new points package

  • Name – enter the name of new points package
  • Points – enter the number of points in this package
  • Price – enter the price of the package
  • Groups restrictions – select one or more user groups
  • Published – publish or unpublish the package

The administrator can manually add points to the certain user. It can be done by clicking 'New' on 'User points' view.

Adding points to the user

  • User – select user
  • Points – enter number of points given to the user
  • Description – enter description

Using DJ Classifieds Users Points plugin administrator is able to define a number of points given new user while registering.

There are two parameters to set:

  • Points on start – enter the number of points given to a new user
  • Bonus description – enter the title of the start point package

Displaying number of points

Number of points available to use by the certain user can be displayed in DJClassifieds User Points module

  • Show user points – choose if you want to display the number of user points
  • Points packages link – choose if you want to display a link to available points packages
  • User points link – choose if you want to display a link to the history of user points

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