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New to DJ-Extensions?

Promotion Durations

You can now set different durations for Promotions and charge for its length independently from the advert’s duration.

Your user can, for example, set the advert’s duration for 30 days and promote their advert for a shorter time (for example, 7 days).

How to set different durations for promotions

Open DJ-Classifieds, click “Promotions” from the left menu (1) and choose the promotion you want to modify (2)

Now when editing the promotion, click “Prices and durations” tab (1)

the first row you’ll see there will be the same as my default, and you can now add new duration and price for this promotion (2).

In my example I’ve added:

30 days promotion for $10 and 10 points for promotion “Special."

Click “Save” to save the changes.

Submitting advert with additional duration for promotion

Now, when the new duration for promotion was saved, when submitting new advert user will see an option to choose the duration of the promotion to choose from:

Once this duration is selected user will need to pay the amount set for this promotion’s duration and the advert will be promoted for the chosen time.

Editing advert to prolong the promotions or apply a new one

Users can also edit the advert and add the promotion to it.
When a user is in the “Your adverts” view - so with a list of their advert he can now see the list of promotions that are active or expired (1)

If the user wants to prolong the promotion or add new promotion -> click Edit button (2) and now choose the new promotion duration the same way as when submitting a new advert.