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New to DJ-Extensions?

Free Messaging System for Joomla


Are you looking for a hassle-free solution to set up a Joomla Private Messaging System (PMS) for seamless communication between users on your website? Meet DJ-Messages, an easy-to-use inbox/outbox solution that allows users to interact effortlessly.

Video Walkthrough for Installation and Setup for Joomla Users

You will learn how easy it is to install, setup and start using DJ-Messages in around 10 minutes in the video:

  • Installation
  • Setup
  • Communication between users
  • Administrator's options

Contact System
Between Users

DJ-Messages allows users to send private messages to other users registered on the same website. Each user has their inbox and can quickly respond to the received message.

Available settings:

  • show inbox to view notifications and quickly get to the message
  • show users list to quickly select the user to whom to send a private message

Contact System Between Advertisers and Buyers

DJ-Messages integrates with DJ-Classifieds seamlessly. Allow buyers to quickly contact advertisers using private messages. Inquiries sent via the contact form on the advert details page will go directly to the advertiser's inbox.

Available options:

  • show custom fields related to user profiles on the message list
  • show a link to a user profile page on the message list

Easy Management
of Private Messages

DJ-Messages allows easy management of received and sent messages. They can be archived as well as trashed. Built-in search and sorting options allow you to quickly find messages you are looking for.

Available options:

  • sort by subject, name, or date
  • search by keyword
  • filter by adverts
  • archive messages
  • trash and restore messages
  • mark as read or unread

Universal Theme for Joomla Templates

DJ-Messages comes with a universal theme that looks outstanding on many popular Joomla templates. The theme is fully responsive which means it works great on phones and tablets. It is also compatible with the Right-To-Left languages.

Show Consent to Private Messages on Registration Form

During registration, you can display additional fields so that users can decide if they want to use private messages and whether their profile should be visible to other users allowing for sending messages.

Available options:

  • choose whether users should be able to receive messages by default
  • choose whether the profile link should be visible to others by default

Flexible Permissions

With many configurable permissions, you can prepare the communication system for your website as needed.

Among other things, you can specify which Joomla user group can:

  • Create messages
  • Reply to messages
  • Delete messages
  • Add attachments
  • Controlling status read / unread
  • Create lists
  • Edit lists
  • Show lists
  • Delete lists

User Action Logs

Now you can track action logs for DJ-Messages actions.

Start logging the following actions:

  • message sent
  • message replied
  • message read
  • message deleted
  • user profile updated

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