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Friday, 21 September 2018 11:10


In nowadays of websites state of the art, speed is essential. We want the websites to load quickly and the results of search or filtering to appear as fast as possible to keep the users as long as possible on our websites.

The Ajax App for DJ-Classifieds aims to help to achieve these goals by providing no website reload (using AJAX) for specific actions users can perform when browsing DJ-Classifieds based listing website.

Dynamic filtering of the search results, pagination, sorting of the listings, categories change (it also do much more as it can display the progress bar, infinite scroll, masonry layout + more).

We have just released the updated version of the App with new features that make it more flexible.

1. There's a new parameter in the plugin "Disable in" to disable the plugin on selected pages (menu items).


2. It is now possible to control the appearance of the "Search reset." You can display it as a link or button or hide it completely.



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