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DJ-Classifieds 3.4 RC Final
16 September 2015
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DJ-Classifieds 3.4 RC Final

26 November, 2021

Ok, this is the last version before going stable with 3.4 version. We hope to release it next week if nothing unexpected happens.

What changed? (+ stands for new feature, ! stands for fix)

  • 100. (+) Possibility to hide description in blog
  • 101. (+) Favourite icons based in CSS not images
  • 102. (+) New modle positions on dverts list djcf-ad-items-top-region (when you are on any region page )  and djcf-ad-items-top-regionXX (when you are on region with XX id)
  • 103. (!) Resolved problem with ordering of custom contact fields.
  • 104. (+) Email send after Bank Transfer added to email templates
  • 105. (!) Price per points in Points Packages rounded up to 4 digits
  • 106 (+) Possibility to overwritte DJ-Classifieds categoriees setings in menu item

This version can be downloaded in downloads section and is available for all active subscribers of DJ-Classifieds or Bundles with DJ-Classifieds.

Remember: This is not yet a Stable version - use it only for tests and NOT on production sites.

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